Who needs Builders Risk Insurance?

Taking on your dreams can be easier than you think.  If you are thinking about building your FOREVER HOME, a Builders Risk policy has you covered throughout the course of construction. Whether you are having your home built from the ground up or renovating your cozy home, make sure you have a policy to keep you protected during the process.

New construction builders risk policies can cost as little as $375 a year.  A piece of mind for your investments is a sound decision.  A solid understanding of the risk location, financial parties involved, and finished home value, among many factors, can help insure your protect, as well as all parties involved in the building process.  No matter whom takes out the policy, policy coverages and terms of coverage’s remain the same.  After completion, converting your Builders Risk policy into a Homeowners policy can be a smooth transition when you have a committed agent along the way.

Several clients that may need a Builder’s Risk policy:

  1. Property Owners
  2. Homeowners
  3. Contractors
  4. Investment Companies
  5. Development Companies
  6. Builders

Why do I need Builders Risk Insurance?

Protection is designed to cover the construction site if loss and damages were to occur.  Theft, vandalism, flood, windstorm, and extra expense coverage’s are a few, but not limited to, coverage options that are available under your builders risk insurance policy coverages.  Policies may also include coverage to damaged construction materials, fencing, scaffolding, and landscaping.  Insuring your financial protection during your new home adventures.

Learn More about what type of policy is best for you and the steps to get you converted to a Homeowners afterwards.