Evolving Within The Industry

In the ever evolving insurance world, it is easy to get caught up in the daily tasks.  Our key business focus is communication, teamwork, and convenience.  As the insurance industry grows, it’s important that independent agencies like ours keep up to trend and efficiency to help make the process as seamless as possible for the clients.  Buying insurance can be a daunting task on it’s own, but with the electronic possibilities and Independent agent can evolve to make this easier.  In our agency for example, we have made it possible to quote, obtain signatures, communicate through video, bind coverage and make all necessary adjustments to our clients policies without them having to do more than sign into their email.

Quoting and Accepting Insurance Policies

  • Insurance can be scary.
  • Coverage options can be confusing.
  • In-Office visits can be hectic.

Online quoting can take a toll on you.  Many of the questions: What Agency do you trust to just “hand over” your secure information to?  Are the coverage options you are choosing the best fit for what you need?  Isn’t the agent the one that helps you make the best choices?  Yes, I’m glad you mentioned that! 🙂  That is what we help with as your insurance agent.  The process doesn’t need to be scary, confusing, or solitary.  Online quoting helps get the details over to us, and we can work through the needs based on your personal answers.  No time for office visits, that is fine as well.  At Sound Insurance we are able to help you with everything without coming in.  Chaos managed.

Obtaining Signatures and Binding Your Insurance Policies

  • Via Email
  • Two-Step Signing Process
  • No In-Office Visits Required

Keeping with the flow of online Insurance Quoting, signatures and obtaining your insurance coverage’s can be just as easy.  We will of course have verbal requirements, but driving to our location is not necessary, unless you would like to do so.  You will need a valid email address and identification, but once we are ready for the final steps, it remains as easy as the first.

Communicating Through Video

  • Review Coverage Selections
  • Compare Our Best Rates Available
  • Meet Your EAgent

If you choose not to visit our locations, we would still like to make you feel like you did.  Our agents are just like you.  Personable, Understanding, and Involved.  Choosing who manages your insurance is a big deal.