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Owning a business is hard enough as it is, right? Managing staff, schedules, inventories, payroll, customer relations, equipment upkeep, and budgets (among a million other things) will cause anyone to lose sleep. Luckily, we’ve got your liability covered, so you can mark that off your list!

Whether you’re a small caterer or a multi-location franchised steak house or a booming nightclub, you’re surrounded by hazards making you open to potential lawsuits: slips, falls, food contamination, allergen labeling, employee hygiene, customer impairments (the nicest way to describe dangerous activities stemming from intoxication of your guests), building wear & tear, etc.

We understand that no matter how diligently you work to prevent any harm to your employees and guests, accidents happen anyway. Our job is to be there for you if/when they occur in your place of business.

Policy Components

There are multiple “components” that make up a solid Restaurant/Bar/Hotel Insurance policy. We can offer them a ‘la carte or as a package. We take our time to tailor your policy to your business needs and budget.

General Liability Insurance

This coverage is going to protect you from a variety of potential claims. Some of these examples can be bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can potentially come up if you are found negligent.

Workers Compensation Coverage

In most states if you have employees then purchasing Workman’s Comp coverage is not optional.  Workers Compensation (otherwise known as workers comp) is strictly designed to ensure payment by employers for at least some part of the cost incurred by injuries on the job that lead to temporary or permanent disability. If you have questions about this coverage, it’s best to discuss them with your agent.

Loss of Income Insurance

When a covered loss occurs leading to closure of your business, Loss of Income Insurance may be your saving grace. This coverage pays the bills when your customers can’t. Talk to your agent ASAP about adding this to your policy.

Property Damage

Take a moment to catalogue the furniture (in common areas), fixtures, installed equipment, building structures, and materials that make up your business property. Would repairing or replacing them damage your bottom line? Most people, if honest, would say, “yes.” And that is exactly where we come in.

The Property Damage Inclusion allows coverage for damage to your building, inventory, and equipment. Most policies offer replacement cost coverage on these items in order to repair or replace them in today’s market. Get in touch with our commercial agent now to discuss your needs and how this coverage can benefit your business.

Crime and Vandalism Coverage

This covers you in case of a burglary, robbery, employee theft, or vandalism to your property.

Liquor Liability

Probably one of the most important elements you can add to your policy if you serve alcohol. We’re all familiar with tragedy following alcohol consumption. Many times, the establishment found to have served the alcohol is held accountable for resulting bodily injury and property damage. These occurrences are often extremely expensive and personally taxing. Bottom line – if you serve alcohol, you simply can’t afford NOT to have Liquor Liability coverage.

Other coverages to consider:

  • Food Spoilage
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Assault & Battery (not covered by Liquor Liability)
  • Commercial Auto
  • Event Insurance
  • Utility Services
  • Multiple other additions – talk to us about your needs!

Our clients include:

  • Restaurants
  • Food Trucks
  • Caterers
  • Food Delivery
  • Ice Cream Trucks
  • Bars
  • Cafeterias
  • Local Diners
  • Coffee Shops
  • Arcades



How to get started:

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